1/10<sup>th</sup> 2WD Fan Shrouds

1/10<sup>th</sup> 2WD Fan Shrouds

 We are proud to announce our newest additions to our very successful Fan Shroud line. We were contacted by many members of the Off-road community asking if we could offer Fan Shrouds for their cars. During our research we realized that there was room to improve the offerings, but also some design challenges. To be honest the main challenge is the limited space available on the chassis. To overcome this, we went through countless designs and prototypes. In the end we were able to combine the strengths of all prototypes into three versions. All these Fan Shrouds fit both Buggies and Stadium Trucks in mid motor configurations.

They are called:

  • 2WD Buggy Fan Shroud – for the weight conscious Stock racer.
  • 2WD Buggy Fan Shroud Long – for Stock and Modified racers with extra cooling.
  • 2WD Buggy Fan Shroud Directed – provides the most cooling due to the cooling of the front and end bell.


  • Designed to lower the temperature of the motor of your 2WD Buggy or Stadium Truck
  • Supports stock and modified motors
  • The 2WD Buggy Fan Shroud standard and Long versions should be installed behind the motor – Trimming of the side guard may be required
  • 2WD Buggy Fan Shroud Directed should be installed on top of the battery

Thank you for reading and see you at the track,

Your West Coast R/C Works team

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