30mm Fan Shroud Front

30mm Fan Shroud Front

We are proud to announce our newest addition to our very successful Fan Shroud line. Many of our fellow TC racers don’t use a separate ESC fan while running on carpet tracks. The cooling fan is mounted in front of the ESC and used to cool both the ESC and motor. This solution is beneficial for the weight, does not cool the motor enough.

Therefore, we designed the 30mm Fan Shroud Front for this electronics configuration. It mounts directly to the fan and directs the air over the ESC to the motor.


  • Designed to lower the temperature of the motor of your Touring Car
  • Supports stock and modified motors
  • 30mm Fan Shroud Front should be installed in front of the ESC

Now we have these TC fan shrouds available:

  • 30mm Fan Shroud Front – for improved motor and ESC cooling with only a single fan.
  • 30mm Fan Shroud Open Flow – for improved motor cooling.
  • 30mm Fan Shroud Directed Flow – for even more cooling than our open flow.
  • Windy Fan Shroud Open Flow – for the WTF “Windy” fan.

Thank you for reading and see you at the track,

Your West Coast R/C Works team

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