BLACK CARPET EDITION X12 Servo Mounting Plates and Short Upper Pod Plate

Posted by Denis Schablowski on

The newest addition to our BLACK CARPET EDITION line of parts are the X12 Servo Mounting Plates and X12 Short Upper Pod Plate.

The new X12 parts are designed to replaces the original parts and the bolt pattern of the Servo Mounting Plates ensures that the Servo is mounted correctly on the chassis.

The BLACK CARPET EDITION X12 Servo Mounting Plate is an addition to the already existing line of X12 Servo Mounting plates. The difference between the existing and the BLACK CARPET version is that the new version has eleven (11) shock mounting positions instead of only four on the original part. The additional shock mounting positions allow the shock to be moved further back on the chassis and it also allows use shocks from other manufacturers.

The new Servo Mounting Plate can be combined with our new X12 Short Upper Pod Plate to further increase the adjustability of the shock position.

The X12 Servo Mounting Plates and Short Upper Pod Plate are made from 3mm carbon fiber to withstand the hardest racing conditions.

The Servo Mounting Plate is available with bold patterns to directly mount the following servos: Futaba 9650/9670, Futaba BLS671SV/ BLS671SVi and Sanwa SRG-HR/HS.

The new parts can be Pre-Ordered and will be in stock by mid of September.


Thank you for reading and see you at the track,
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