Project 4X Optional Parts

We are proud to announce our newest addition to our very successful Black Carpet Edition line. Early this year we stared to race the Project 4X. We really like the performance of the chassis but started to look for improvements to unlock its full potential. All new parts went through our usual rigorous product testing and proved to be beneficial to the performance.

We are releasing:

  • Lightweight Lower Bumper Mount – Reduces the weight hanging out the front of the chassis and therefore improves steering.
  • Lightweight Lower Rear Chassis Brace – Reduces the weight hanging out of the rear or the chassis and therefore improves rotation.
  • 6mm Bumper Spacers – Allows to install 12mm Bumpers and therefore reduces the Center of Gravity.


  • Compatible with all Project 4X versions
  • Reduce weight and lowers the CG
  • Improves handling under medium and high grip conditions
  • 3D printed from industrial Carbon Fiber infused nylon for the ultimate strength and weight

Stay tuned for more Project 4X optional parts and setup tools.

Thank you for reading and see you at the track,

Your West Coast R/C Works team

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