Pan-Car Servo Setup System V2

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We updated our very successful Pan-Car Setup System based on customer requests and suggestions throughout last year.

The outcome of this is the Pan-Car Setup System V2 which machined from 6061 Aluminum and hard anodized in black. The V2 will now withstand the hardest use cases. The mounting hole is now M3 threaded which makes mounting it to the car much easier.

Usually the servo position and angle of the servo-horn or servo-safer are set with the eye balling method. This method usually results in inaccurate servo positions and servo horn angle.
Our Servo Setup tools are designed to counter this problem and introduce a high repeatability of the servo setup process of today’s R/C cars.

The Pan-Car Servo Setup System V2 is composed of 2 Pan-Car Servo Centering Tools and 1 Servo Straight Edge V2. This Servo Setup System contains all necessary to install your servo in the center and the desired angle.

The Pan-Car Servo Centering Tool V2 is designed to help installing the servo in the correct  position in your pan car, this improves the repeatability of this process. Now you can prepare several servos for your R/C car to be used during repair or rebuild at big events. This tool has been designed to work with most 1/12 and 1/10 scale Pan cars.

The Pan-car Servo Straight Edge V2 is designed to be used with a Digital Caliper or other measuring tools to set the correct servo trim. This will result in an increased repeatability of this process. This tool has been designed to work with most servo horns and servo safer's of 1/12 and 1/10 scale Pan cars.


  • Improves the positioning of the servo of 1/12 and 1/10 Pan-Cars
  • easier process of installing the servo spline in the middle of the chassis
  • easier setup of servo trim for equal steering throw
  • fits most Pan-Cars with a front end hole spacing of 15 - 40 mm

Centering Tool

  1. remove the front end of your Pan-Car
  2. attach the tool to the front end mounting positions.
  3. adjust the servo position of the spline is in the center of the car, utilizing a caliper or ruler. 
  4. remove the Servo Centering Tool and reattach the front end.
  5. reattach the front end of your Pan-Car

Servo Straight Edge

  1. remove the steering linkage
  2. attach the Servo Straight Edge on the front of the Servo Saver
  3. use Sub-trim on your radio to change the Servo horn angle.
  4. Check the angle using a ruler or digital caliper against the Servo Straight edge and the chassis.
  5. remove the Straight edge from the Servo saver.
  6. reattach the servo linkage
  • 2x Pan-Car Servo Centering Tool V2
  • 1x Pan-Car Servo Straight Edge V2
  • Fastening Hardware
  • Servo, Servo horn, hardware and tools not included

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