BD8 Steering Brace

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The BD8 Steering Brace improves the steering response and accuracy in medium to high grip conditions. This is achieved by connecting the bell crank steering posts and decreasing the flex inside the steering posts. 
This part allows to install an optional stand off to connect the steering system with the upper deck. It will result in even less flex and a more aggressive steering feel.
The integrated 8mm steering throw limiter will prevent the over steering problem of the front wheels on high grip carpet. 

  • suited for medium to high grip tracks
  • Improved steering and reduced flex
  • can be connected to upper-deck using optional stand-off
  • most efficient on medium to high grip tracks
  • 8mm steering throw limiter
  • machined from 2.5 mm Carbon Fiber
  • tested at the Reedy Race of Touring Car Champions 2017

The Steering brace shall be installed on top of the bell-crank posts. We recommend to use a 0.3 - 0.5 mm spacer between the bell-crank post and the brace to prevent binding of the ballbearings. 
If a more aggressive steering feel is desired the brace can be connected to the upper deck using an optional stand off. insure the correct spacing to prevent tweak. 

  • 1x BD8 Steering Brace
  • Car, parts, hardware and tools not included

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