BLACK CARPET EDITION Pan Car Body Support 60-degree

  • $6.99

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The CRC Black Carpet has many great advantages over the old gray carpet and the ETS carpet, like the high consistent grip level, less tire wear, more forgiving with 1/12 tire choices and so on.

But with many things in life there are also some draw backs. Most of them only need some adjustments in driving style and setup, but some of them are more hidden and can result in a suddenly uncontrollable car. I’m talking about the body scrub of 1/12 pan cars in high speed corners and on the straightway. I know that sounds like a major issue because the body could be mounted higher, but that will increase the drag and lower the downforce of the body. This body scrub is usually not caused from a body that is mounted too low. It is generated by the air going over the body and bending the nose down until it touches the surface. The outcome of this is a reduced top and corner speed, and it can even lift the front wheels off the track. This will result in a huge crash. 

The 1/12 Body Support is designed to tackle this problem by supporting the nose of the body.
Our part will reduce the body scrub to a bare minimum and allows to mount the body lower than a conventionally mouted body. Our testing has proven that the average and fastest lap times dropped when the body support was installed.

The 60-degree version is made to support a body with a short nose like the BMR.


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