X12 Servo Mounting Plate for 96x0

  • $12.99

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The custom Servo mounting plate designed to replace the floating servo holder of your Pan-Car to directly mount a Futaba S9650/S9670 Servo. The X12 Servo Mounting Plate is CNC milled from a high quality 3mm Carbon fiber sheet. The increased thickness of the mounting plate effectively decreases the flex during suspension travel and steering. The direct mounting of the Servo removes the guesswork of to set the correct position, while installing the servo to your car. The direct servo mount also reduces the shifting of the servo position in the race. The Servo can be installed in the left and right position.
  • compatible with Futaba S9650 and S9670
  • suited for low to high grip tracks
  • improved servo position even in extreme racing conditions
  • higher reliability than stock part
  • factory look
  • 3mm carbon fiber

The X12 Servo Mounting Plate is available for the X12'15 or newer.

  • 1x X12 Servo Mounting Plate
  • RC parts, electronics and car not included

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